Barock Flower Cutting Board
Silver Ornament
Accantus XL Heart
Barock Flower Kitchen Towel
Barock Flower Potholder
Barock Flower Small Tray
Blanket Reindeer/Dalahorse
Dala Horse Cutting board
small Zinc candle holder
Accantus Zinc Products
Anna Viktoria
Anna Viktoria Dala Horse Large
Apple Bliss Tray
Artposter #7
Artposter #8
Artposter #9
Bag Dala horse
Barock Flower Apron
Barock Flower Kitchen Mitten
Barock Flower Large Tray Black
Cherry Heart Tray
COOEE Design
dala Horse Kitchen Towel
Dala Horse Bottle Opener
Dala horse bowl
Dala horse candle holder
Dala Horse Key Chain
Dala horse kitchen cloth
Dala Horse medium Tray white
Dala Horse Mug
Dala Horse Small
Dala Horse Small Tray Black
Dala Horse Small Tray White
Dala Horse Vase
Ekelund Kontur Kitchen Towel
Fancy Dish Cloth
Fjäril Vingad Large Pitcher
Fjäril Vingad Large Serving Bowl
Fruit Bowl Silver
Gold Ornament
Heart Shaped Dish Lilac
Heart Shaped Dish Red
Info About the Artist
Kontur Large Pitcher
Kontur Small Pitcher
Lavender Kitchen Towel
Lemon Kitchen Towel
Lena A. Linderholm art Poster # 11
Lena A. Linderholm Art Poster # 12
Lena A. Linderholm Art Poster #1
Lena A. Linderholm Art Poster #3
Lena A. Linderholm Art Poster #4
Lena A. Linderholm Ceramics
Lena A. Linderholm Dish Cloth
Lena A. Linderholm Trays & More
Lisa Larsson Lucia Tray
Lisa Larsson Tray
Lucia Tray
Magnet Dala horse
Memories of Sweden
memories of Sweden Necklace Air
Memories of Sweden Necklace Cloudberry
memories of Sweden Necklace Granite
Napkins Lena Linderholm
Nobhill Gnome God Jul
Nobhill Heart
Nobhill Holiday wreath
Nobhill Linnea Heart
Nobhill Merry Christmas
Nobhill Princess cake
Nobhill Santa
Nobhill Santa Couple
Nobhill Straw Goat
Nobhill Strawberry Cake
Nobhill Swedish Flag
Nobhill Three Crowns
Nobhilldesigners Cards
Olle XL White Santa
Olle XL Red curly hair
Olle XL Red straight hair
Pluto Produkter
Pluto Produkter Dish Cloth
Red Dala horse towel
Reindeer kitchen towel Red.
Rotary Candle Holder Angels
Rotary Candle Holder Dala Horse
Rotary Candle Holder Gnomes
Rotary Candle Holder Gold Angel
Rotary Candle Holder Gold Star
Rotary Candle Holder Santas
Sale: Food Stick/Flower Stick
SALE: Lena A. Linderholm Art posters
Sale:Candle Holder Advent
Santa Ornament
Selma Grey
Skuggad Lavendel Large Pitcher
Skuggad Lavendel Small Pitcher
Small Kitchen Towel/ placemat
small zinc lantern
Solros Bukett Aperatif Plate
Solros Bukett Bowl
Solros Bukett Bowl on Foot
Solros Bukett Large Pitcher
Summer Table Cloth
Sune grey
The Laughing Seagull Tray
Tomte Bengt Napkins Large
Tomte bengt Napkins Small
Tomten Bengt Tray
Trivet Leaf Black
Upcoming events Fall- Winter 2017
Valter Medium Santa Grey
Valter Medium Santa Red
Valter Medium Santa White
Vaxduk-table cloth
Vera Mrs Santa Large Grey
Vera Mrs Santa Large Red
Vera Mrs Santa White
Verner Large Santa
Verner Large Santa Red
Verner Large Santa white
Viktor Small Santa Grey
Viktor small Santa Red
Viktor White Small Santa
Viktoria Small Mrs. Santa Grey
Viktoria Small Mrs. Santa Red
Viktoria White Small Mrs Santa
Vilma Medium Mrs Santa Grey
Vilma Medium Mrs Santa Red
Vilma Medium Mrs Santa White
Wooden Mrs Santa Grey
Wooden Mrs Santa Red
Wooden Santa Large Grey/Grey
Wooden Santa Large Grey/White
Wooden Santa Large Red/Grey
Wooden Santa Large Red/White
Wooden Santa Small Grey/Grey
Wooden Santa Small Grey/White
Wooden Santa Small Red/White
Wooden Small Santa Red/grey
Zinc Medium Candle Holder
Zinc Medium lantern
Zinc Medium Star
Zinc Small Candle Holder
Zinc Small Lantern
Zink Large Candle Holder
Åsas Tomtebod/Santas