Skandinavisk Hemslöjd

Skandinavisk Hemslöjd
A new (since spring) brand in the store. A success so far. For everyone who likes handicraft made in Scandinavia.

Skandinavisk Hemslojd(Scandinavian Handicraft AB), was founded in 1995 by Anna Linderholm and Ulla Persson. The focus was initially to promote hand painted and customized wood products and textiles. They have a close collaboration with artisans throughout the Nordic countries. Scandinavian Handicraft with a tradition!

Suddenly we felt a desire to go back in time to the old fashioned wooden utensils we grove up with in Sweden. Very typical was the hand made butter knife and the cheese slicer with a hand carved handle.

NEW this fall: beautiful kitchen towels made of traditional linen/cotton blend suitable for the Holidays. Wooden hand made traditional Swedish Santas . Plus lovely hand painted ornaments: Lucia, Star boy , 2 different Santa figures & a red Dala horse for your Christmas tree.